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    you're looking to plan, grow, and fund your business.


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    Plans? Yes.


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    Map to Growth

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    VRev Project Folio

    Cross industry. International.


    From finance to sales to operations


    VREV can help.


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    Over $3M raised...


    Business plan, government aid, early adopter customer development, launch capital raise.

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    littleBits electronics

    Over $50M raised. Sold to Sphero, a leader in teaching kids about science, technology, engineering & matth.


    VREV scaled the business, built the education market model, and helped close two rounds of VC funding.

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    Enhanced web marketing, FOUND a new, lower cost production partner, restructured balance sheet & RAISED funding.

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    ZUUUM Club Cycling

    Cycling is more popular than ever. What is coming to take the sport to an entirely new level? Look for ZUUUM to launch in 2024.

    Anything Else?

    Indeed yes.


    We have worked with AT&T, Apple, Wells Fargo, UNC, the US Army and public broadcasting leader WHYY Philadelphia to help them develop their playbooks think a little bit differently.

    There is always something else! Would you like to talk about your project or next business move?



    We have a process.


    We call it MAP TO GROWTH.


    Let's talk...





    We want to share our experience

    with people that have the ambition

    to do good and do great things.


    No one has everything they need.


    We can help.




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    Let's see

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    we can assist you.



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    President and Chairman

    Jane bought, took public, and

    exited her first software company.


    She enjoys challenges.

    She loves to help leaders build new companies.


    She's an electrical engineer and entrepreneur.

    She is awesome at raising capital.


    While she charts a world of new thinking and possibilities in the world of battery electric vehicles, Jane is always available to bring her talents to help.

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    Managing Partner

    Dana lands deals with the big play in mind

    to get you into the big game..


    Dana loves planning. Moving from plans to action is even more fun. He's motivated to get you to the next level.


    A mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and inventor,

    Dana runs VRev day-to-day.


    From an IBM and Accenture large company background to multiple capital raising successes, Dana helps leaders find the path forward to getting on the playing field.


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    Director of Design

    Aaron brings vibrant perspective, conscience, and a commitment to ritual developing use to head design at V Revolution.


    His work spans consumer electronics, electric vehicles, advanced vending technology, and more. And all this from a career that is just beginning.


    Dana spoke at Walnut Street Labs in suburban Philadelphia on helping entrepreneurs tell their story.

    We help leaders tell their story and execute their plans.

    Seemingly simple yet hard to do well.



    Email Dana at DanaBHoffer@GMail.com


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